Alexei Schacht Appeals Unfairly Administered Sentence

A multitalented attorney, Alexei Schacht handles criminal defense, commercial law, and other types of legal matters in New York City. In addition to providing legal services to gas and oil companies in South America, Alexei Schacht handles serious charges and appeals in all applicable jurisdictions.

In a case presented at the Second Court of Appeals in New York City, Mr. Schacht defended a client who had been convicted of conspiring to bring aliens into the United States. The client and his wife also pled guilty to other charges relating to their scheme.

Under New York law, the two were sentenced to 70-87 months in a plea agreement. However, a probation sentencing report amended the sentence to 108-185 months. Then, at the actual sentencing, the court set a higher-level sentence of 168-210 months. These discrepancies came from the application of varying offense levels to the defendants.

Mr. Schacht appealed on behalf of his client, and prevailed. The appeals court vacated the previous sentencing and ordered that the case be sent back to the original judge for a corrected sentence.

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