Attorney Alexei Schacht’s Philosophy of Client Service

After earning his JD from the SUNY Buffalo Law School in 1989, Alexei Schacht joined the staff of the New York County District Attorney’s office, where he practiced for three years in the Appeals Bureau, followed by three years in the Trial Division. He then spent several years in private practice, becoming a partner in a firm specializing in criminal law. Alexei Schacht today operates a boutique criminal law practice as a sole practitioner, focusing primarily on complex federal and state cases in New York.

More than 20 years practicing law has taught Alexei Schacht that no matter what the facts and circumstances of a case, a lawyer cannot guarantee a client any particular outcome. What can be guaranteed is the level of effort an attorney will give to a case, as well as the promise of thoroughly professional conduct. Schacht pledges to his clients that he will engross himself in the facts of a case, visit every relevant location and become personally familiar with it, and interview every person involved in the case, including all potential witnesses. He learned the value of becoming personally familiar with every aspect of a case as a young assistant district attorney.

Alexei Schacht’s philosophy of personal involvement in every aspect of his cases yields positive results. His firm’s website at includes an impressive list of acquittals, dismissals, overturned convictions, and sentences that have been reduced or vacated entirely.


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