Meeting the Growing Oil and Gas Demands in Latin America

South America’s gas and oil exploration looks positive for the future. In fact, the prospects for this industry look so promising that attorney Alexei Schacht lends his expertise in helping oil and gas companies structure production sharing deals, obtain land leases, and handle other aspects of the law. Currently in private practice, Alexei Schacht has worked as a lawyer or board member for companies like Pexin USA, LLC, and Latin American Resource and Energy.

Latin America’s gas and oil industry currently produces 204 billion cubic meters of gas annually. Although pundits have predicted imminent dangers to the industry, experts expect consumption to rise and production to increase to 237 billion cubic meters by 2015. Advances in technology and a healthy investment climate further the growth of the oil and gas industry in Latin America. Although both governments and private companies must address setbacks, oil and gas production growth in South America is imperative to meet the growing demand of its population and economic expansion.


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