Alexei Schacht Defends Clients in Money Laundering Cases

New York attorney Alexei Schacht opened up his boutique criminal law firm in 2012. The defense attorney, who works in the federal and state courts, represents clients in the oil and gas business as well. He also has represented clients accused of money laundering and has represented clients in highly publicized Colombian extradition cases. A former partner at Nalven & Schacht, Alexei Schacht has been working in the legal field since 1989.

Money laundering is an involved process that can take one of several forms. However, the criminal activity is mainly confined to techniques such as “smurfing” or bulk cash smuggling.

Smurfing is a method where the launderer places his cash into small deposits at banks or uses smaller amounts of currency to buy bearer-type instruments. He then takes the instruments and turns them in for small amounts of cash. Bulk cash smuggling is not as complex as smurfing and involves either smuggling cash into another country or depositing “dirty money” into an account at an offshore bank.


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