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Alexei Schacht Wins Dismissal in Assault Case

Throughout his varying roles as a partner, associate, and sole practitioner of law in the New York City area, Alexei Schacht has won numerous trials in many court jurisdictions. Alexei Schacht has represented a wide range of defendants in such areas as civil litigation, serious crimes, and white collar crimes. One such victory occurred with … Continue reading

Alexei Schacht Appeals Unfairly Administered Sentence

A multitalented attorney, Alexei Schacht handles criminal defense, commercial law, and other types of legal matters in New York City. In addition to providing legal services to gas and oil companies in South America, Alexei Schacht handles serious charges and appeals in all applicable jurisdictions. In a case presented at the Second Court of Appeals … Continue reading

New York City’s Infamous “Slasher for Hire” Case

A criminal defense attorney who practices in the federal and state courts in New York City, Alexei Schacht also provides legal services in certain real estate transactions. In addition, he serves clients in the art world, as well as in the oil and gas industry. Alexei Schacht’s most notable successes, however, have taken place in … Continue reading

Alexei Schacht’s Defense of Jose Ibanez

Attorney Alexei Schacht runs a boutique law firm with offices on 94th Street in Manhattan. Since earning his JD in 1989 from SUNY Buffalo Law School, he has defended clients in matters including narcotics conspiracy, money laundering, securities fraud, Medicare fraud, and murder. One of Alexei Schacht’s successful appeals involved the sentencing of Jose Ibanez. … Continue reading

Attorney Alexei Schacht Wins Smuggling Appeal

Experienced attorney Alexei Schacht handles major New York State and federal criminal cases. Alexei Schacht focuses on winning appeals, often successfully defending his clients from serious accusations. One winning case that stands out involved a husband and wife who pleaded guilty to smuggling aliens into the United States; charges included possession of false identification documents … Continue reading

Attorney Alexei Schacht’s Philosophy of Client Service

After earning his JD from the SUNY Buffalo Law School in 1989, Alexei Schacht joined the staff of the New York County District Attorney’s office, where he practiced for three years in the Appeals Bureau, followed by three years in the Trial Division. He then spent several years in private practice, becoming a partner in … Continue reading

Specialist Lawyer Handles High Profile Case

A growing number of lawyers who specialize in one area of the law set up boutique law firms. New York-based defense attorney Alexei Schacht, who handled the historic case of Oded Tuito, established his own firm in 2012. Israeli national Oded Tuito allegedly headed one of the biggest ecstasy-pushing organizations. However, Alexei Schacht, Mr. Tuito’s … Continue reading

Meeting the Growing Oil and Gas Demands in Latin America

South America’s gas and oil exploration looks positive for the future. In fact, the prospects for this industry look so promising that attorney Alexei Schacht lends his expertise in helping oil and gas companies structure production sharing deals, obtain land leases, and handle other aspects of the law. Currently in private practice, Alexei Schacht has … Continue reading

Art Transactions: Provenance in its Many Forms

Legal professional Alexei Schacht is based in New York, where he practices criminal and civil law. Additionally, Alexei Schacht is often called upon to manage commercial art transactions. In the art world, authenticity is a major concern. When a work of art is unquestionably and genuinely authored by the artist who signed it, it may … Continue reading

Legal Primer: Split or Severed Estate and Mineral Rights

A highly respected attorney, Alexei Schacht represents clients in criminal and civil matters, often appearing in New York’s federal and state courts. Holding a special interest in commercial matters, Alexei Schacht is often called upon to offer legal advisory services regarding contracts and structured exploration to gas and oil companies. Land surface ownership is sometimes … Continue reading